Kelsea needs a Liver


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a letter to friends that kelseas older brother David sent to all his peers.

From: "Freeman, David D SPC MIL USA FORSCOM" <>
Date: Sun, Dec 26, 2010 9:27 pm
Subject: liver for kelsea 

Kelsea is my little sister. I don't know how many of you have a little sister but your connection with them is priceless. I'd do anything for her even to this day. I've always had a hard time listening to people growing up, even now. I hear things but I can't understand it half the time. When my mother told me that Kelsea was sick I didn't know what she meant. I figured it was just a cold or something, "so, why is mom crying" I thought to myself. As I grew older I came to realize that she was terminally ill not sick (big difference). I never really saw how ill she was growing up, not until recently. Most days I spend with my friends she is all I think about. I recently deployed to Afghanistan and the only thing that kept me from going stir crazy was the fact that I was going to be home with her soon. I'm sitting here in my barracks room a few days after Christmas wondering why i spent all my money instead of going home. All I can do now is pray and pray to whoever will answer me that I can get home soon to see her. This operation that she is going to have better make her well or I'm going doctor hunting, know what I mean? I have no money to go see my little sister. All I can hope is that Kelsea gets better and when I have a daughter she turns out to be half as awesome as Kelsea is. Please, help my little sister get well. Like my mom says, even $5 would help. Hell even a dollar would, FITTY CENTS EVEN! But in all seriousness anything would help.

No parent should have to bury their child: no mother should their daughter, no father their son.

Our Fundraising Continues

We are currently running a GO FUND ME campaign. Kelsea is in the hospital for a couple weeks and is stressing about paying her bills.  It was easier for me when she lived under my roof, but she had to go out on her own.  She worked hard to get her own an apartment, took out a loan for her own car, and go to college, so this could be devastating to her little world.  Please visit the link to learn more! http://

Liver Lovers