Kelsea needs a Liver

Kelsea's Story THE BEGINNING (By mom):

Kelsea is my 13 year old daughter.  At three months old, she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).  The life expectancy of a child with CF was 30 years old at the time, and was recently increased to 37, due to the efforts of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  She was perfectly healthy (as healthy as she could be with CF) going into the 6th grade.  Unfortunately, she was going to a school with some mold problems, but we didn't find out until the last 5 weeks of her 6th grade year.   She spent most of the 6th grade year on Tylenol and antibiotics.  By the time we found out what was causing the problem, Kelsea was very sick. The school called me at the end of the summer and told me that the school was now safe for her to return because of all the work they had done.  After 3 days, the fevers returned, after 8 she had Pneumonia.  We pulled her from the school, but there was not another one for her to go to. Through the efforts of some very good people, we finally got her into a new school, but could not get her health back to baseline.  She was hospitalized for 8 days in September 2010, but even after that, she was not back at baseline.  The doctors struggled to understand what was going on, then hospitalized her again on November 7.  She spent 17 days in the hospital, and they found out that she had stage 3 liver disease.  The doctors said it was because of the Tylenol she took for all of the fevers she had from her 6th grade year.  Then they broke the news:  TRANSPLANT.  You can never imagine how painful your heart can be.  We knew her disease would eventually take her from us, but when they say life expectancy is 37, as a parent you hear, "She's good till age 37."  Never could we prepare for her failing health at age 12.

Kelsea is beautiful,  She is happy and loves everybody.  She is very smart and that light of my life.  She has 2 brothers, and 1 sister.  Her sister lives in Utah with a husband and baby boy.  One brother is in the Army, just returning recently, from his time in Afghanistan.  He is stationed at Fort Bragg.  Her other brother is Kyle, 14 and in 8th grade.  Dad and mom both work in Camp Verde.  It has become increasingly difficult for me to work a 50 hour week and still accomplish the many therapies that Kelsea must do each day.  She takes about 50 pills a day, and is currently giving herself 2 shots a day in her stomach.  She is daddy's little girl!  And proud of it!    


We need your help.  We need to be ready, financially, at the drop of a hat to get to the transplant center. Then, there is the loss of wages we have already suffered and still will suffer with the next hospitalization.  This hospital stay we just finished cost $1629.00 just in food and gas to tend to our daughter.  The co-pays, deductibles and RX costs before, during and after transplant plus living expenses and loss of salaries during 3 months of  recuperation are beyond our earning capabilities. Facing my daughters health issues have been hard enough and the last thing I want to worry about is how I am going to pay for this.  I have to worry about work, when my mind and heart is on my daughter.  This stuff can rip a parent apart.

PLEASE, PLEASE, send in a donation.  Even $5.00 is helpful.  What ever you can do.  Please mail your check to JP Morgan Chase Bank.  In care of Kelsea Freeman, Account #02045580905           420 FinnieFlat Road, Camp Verde, AZ 86322.or mail to our PO Box 1223, Camp Verde, Az 86322

Or you can donate by credit card on this website.  If you can not donate, Prayers are always helpful.  God Bless you. 

All monies collected will be used for past, present and future medical expenses as well as travel and living expenses up to, during transplant and recovery.


God Bless You!




Kelsea's point of view:

I'm scared.  I knew I wasn't going to live as long as everyone else, but I was thinking at least 30, but now I'm scared.  Having Cystic Fibrosis is hard enough, but then throw in a failing liver.  I do not understand why God gave me this disease. It's ok, I love him anyway.  There must be a reason.  I just worry about all the people it will hurt if I die.  I love them so much. My mom came to stay with me at the hospital on 11-20-10. I emailed her on her way to the hospital. It said, " Mom I don't think I'm going to die, but I am scared. It is hard to fight this disease. Its getting too hard. I don't know how long I can keep going, Holding on. I love you Dad, Kyle, David, Jessica, Mom and so many more people. I know I have something to live for, a lot to live for. All I need is something to encourage me and help me through these hard times. This is a race and I intend on winning." My mom then had to pull over to cry. She cried for half an hour. My mom is also worried that I am looking things up on you tube like "in memories of" or "Cystic Fibrosis". but its just because I am curious and scared. The videos make me sad and depressed, but they inform me more on my disease. I need to know this stuff, the sooner the better right? Well I've been crying alot, but I don't tell my mom that, nor my dad. My dad is worried about me also. He's afraid I tam gonna give up. I told him not to worry, but he told me that was his job. I'm going through so much, things a twelve year old little girl shouldn't have to. It is very scary to get a liver transplant. I am  afraid I wont live very long after wards. But listen very carefully. I will fight until there is a cure. I will not give up. God knew I could fight this.  I'm a fighter. I worry about money.  My parents really need help.  This is so expensive. I overheard my mom talking to the prescription company.  They wanted $500.00 to refill all of my prescriptions.  Mom was upset, and I was sad.  It is such a burden to carry. To all the people with Cystic Fibrosis: You can Fight! So lets! I am just trying to live life to the fullest and appreciate everything that comes my way.  God Bless You All.

  On December 27, 2010 I found out I had anemia. I figured this out because I was eating ice compulsively and I was worried it was ruining my teeth.  So I Googled it and there was a comment on it that said eating ice compulsively could be a sign of anemia. Turns out I actually had Anemia. I couldn't believe it.

  After I read all these comments, I cried. It touches my heart  to know that lots of people care about me thank you guys your awesome! p.s. I'm still at school lol.


Kyle's point of view:

Kelsea is my little sister by two years. She was born Sept. 14th, 1998. Growing up with Kelsea, she always seemed so healthy. An occasional doctor visit, but healthy. I always knew  Kelsea wouldn't live as long as the rest of us, but I thought optimistically that Kelsea would live well into her 50's or 60's. This is affecting me directly, as well as Kelsea, of course. I am doing my very best to not spend money on myself, so that my parents can have it for doctor bills.  My school counselor has offered me a home, while my family stays at Phoenix Children's Hospital.  I pray every day for Kelsea, although I am having trouble with my faith.  I know I believe, because I pray for help believing.  It is just hard to understand why my sister has to go through all of this. Finances have always been tough,  it was only to get worse. I usually leave my house a mess, but when I do get to see Kelsea, mom, and dad, I want the house clean. So I have been working hard to keep it there. Classes are really hard sometimes.  Mom use to be able to help me with my homework, but now I just need to struggle along without her help. I have learned to to ignore the kids that tease me,  but its kind of hard with all my problems at home.  These kids  just do not understand how much they should appreciate other people, and always care about other people.  I do.  I am worried about this transplant.  She is such a little girl.  Please pray for Kelsea.  If you can help with donations, please do.



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Davids point of veiw:

From: "Freeman, David D SPC MIL USA FORSCOM" <>
Date: Sun, Dec 26, 2010 9:27 pm
Subject: liver for kelsea 

Kelsea is my little sister. I don't know how many of you have a little sister but your connection with them is priceless. I'd do anything for her even to this day. I've always had a hard time listening to people growing up, even now. When my mother told me that Kelsea was sick I didn't know what she meant. I figured it was just a cold or something, "so, why is mom crying" I thought to myself. As I grew older I came to realize that she was terminally ill not sick (big difference). I never really saw how ill she was growing up, not until recently. Most days I spend with my friends she is all I think about. I recently deployed to Afghanistan and the only thing that kept me from going stir crazy was the fact that I was going to be home with her soon. I'm sitting here in my barracks room a few days after Christmas wondering why  I spent all my money instead of going home. All I can do now is pray and pray to whoever will answer me that I can get home soon to see her. This operation that she is going to have better make her well or I'm going doctor hunting, know what I mean? I have no money to go see my little sister. All I can hope is that Kelsea gets better and when I have a daughter she turns out to be half as awesome as Kelsea is. Please, help my little sister get well. Like my mom says, even $5 would help. Hell even a dollar would, FITTY CENTS EVEN! But in all seriousness anything would help.

No parent should have to bury their child: no mother should their daughter, no father their son.

Our Fundraising Continues

We are currently running a GO FUND ME campaign. Kelsea is in the hospital for a couple weeks and is stressing about paying her bills.  It was easier for me when she lived under my roof, but she had to go out on her own.  She worked hard to get her own an apartment, took out a loan for her own car, and go to college, so this could be devastating to her little world.  Please visit the link to learn more! http://

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